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If manufacturers would listen to their customers - or potential customers!!! - then they would offer more sizing options, not excluding adjustable helmets.
I ended up importing my helmet from the US, because I have a very small head, and UK helmets are often only available in sizes 54cm and larger. (I'm a 50.5cm)
There are helmets out there in that size. Kiddie helmets which are often cartoony and come in horrible plastic colors (which appeal to kids, but I wouldn't be caught dead in.) Or they are traditional velvet covered one-style-is-good-enough-deal-with-it hats.
No thanks.
It took me over a year to replace a helmet that had slackened so much over time, I may as well not wear one for all the protection it offered.
There need to be options, and even if I have to special order a smaller size, that's fine. I will. But if I don't even have the OPTION, then I can't buy the helmet I want.
(Saying no one buys that size is bull, if it's not *offered* in that size. I can't buy what isn't on offer, so yeah, there won't be sales for it.)
P.S. There are 3 of us at my yard with hat sizes of 49cm, 50.5cm, and 51cm. None of us can find helmets, and when we do -- we often buy 3 of them!

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