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Great! Delighted to see this post. Now what we are all wondering is, where will these fantastic jumps end up after the Olympics?

d tompson

Fascinating post looking forward to more. What are the big lions made from and who designed the fences ?


What is the name/theme of the orange pillars with the ships steering wheels at the Olympic show jumping?
Can't seem to obtain the names of the fences anywhere on the web.
Thank you


I'd like to know the name of the orange pillar jump too _ come on some one must know Sam

horse care courses

Sorry Martine haven't managed to find out what is going to happen to the fences yet but will let you know when we do.
Bob Ellis designed the fences "d" and I'm guessing the lions were probably fibreglass but it's just a guess. More posts are to follow so please keep an eye out for them.
Sam & Barry you should be able to find the theme / name of the fence by checking out the pdf 's of the courses the link can be found on this post:


Any news on whats happening with the show jumps after the olympics has finished?? Claire x

horse care courses

Martine & Claire, apparently they are going back to British Showjumping just posted about it here http://www.horsecarecourses.com/horse-sense/2012/08/where-are-the-greenwich-parkshow-jumps-going-after-the-london-olympics-2012.html

Charlie Prescott

Hi Guy’s.

Firstly an apology.

I am sorry I have a press ban enforced onto me so can’t divulge anything about the Olympic show jumps.

What I can say, is, it is good to know that the old original Equiline Horsebox team from all those years ago can still work together, and come up with the goods on time.

Lyn is a true artist and could paint for the World; well she did in matter of speaking, and what a superb job she made of it.

All I can say is continued success with your bespoke kitchen business Lyn.

Lyn Hawes Designs. www.lynhawes.com it has been a pleasure working with you again.

Regards Charlie.

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