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The course is so clever...in particular, I like the Tower Bridge Jump and the Abbey Road Jump!!

Charlie Prescott

Hi Guy's.
Has I, and my ex wife did most of the work on the Olympic show jumps, Including "Tower Bridge", I could inlighten you into how they were made and finished if you are intrested.
Anyway glad you liked them and, check out the new jumps tommorrow.

Regards Charlie Prescott.

horse care

Hello Charlie, it would be brilliant if you could tell us more about how the jumps were made.

Joe Gibbs

Hi Guys and hi Charlie - The Big Ben model really was a work of art. I was one of the painters/artists of the 2012 show jumps (London Bus, Charles Darwin, the big ship's helm wheels to name a few plus some I can't mention yet!).

You would not believe the incredible amount of work and dedication put in by the whole crew - builders, designers, carpenters, painters, artists, drivers etc - to get all this stuff ready and delivered for the games. Just thought I'd mention it..!

Ann Lardeur

Any chance of full list of 'landmarks'. They are all terrific but one or two yesterday and today I could not/cannot see clear enough to identify. Love White Horse in today's course.

Joe Gibbs

The original designs were by Bob Ellis - if you go to his website he has put up the pdf's that we worked to while creating the fences.


horse care

Thanks Joe

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